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Top-of-the-line hydraulic press brakes


Technological, powerful, accurate.


  • Customized bending force: We can tailor the machine’s bending force to your specific needs, ensuring that it is sufficient for processing your materials and thicknesses.
  • Customized useful length: The useful length of the press brake can be customized to fit the size of your projects and parts.
  • Number of control axes: We can configure the number of control axes according to the complexity of the bends you wish to make.
  • Customizable light, stroke, and recess: If you are working on irregularly shaped or non-standard sized parts, we can customize as needed.
  • Bending speed: Our press brake is synonymous with speed and efficiency. With outstanding performance, you can count on us to complete your bending tasks in record time.
  • Advanced numerical control: A highly customizable computer numerical control (CNC) is integrated as a base to meet your programming and automation needs.
  • Dedicated programming software: We can develop custom programming software to simplify your bending operations.
  • Safety: Safety devices and features are adapted to ensure maximum protection of operators during the bending process.
  • Specific automation: If you want a specific level of automation, we can customize automation options to optimize your production.
  • Facilitated maintenance: The machine design is designed to make maintenance easier and reduce downtime.

Please note, all our machines are completely custom.

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