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Top-of-the-line electric press brakes


Technological, full green, accurate.


Our electric press brakes are machines that use an electric drive system to perform sheet metal bending operations. These machines offer specific advantages in terms of precision, energy efficiency and reduced emissions compared to conventional hydraulic press brakes. Here are some of the typical features of our electric press brakes:

  • Electric Drive: These presses use electric motors to generate the force needed to perform bending. This drive system offers quick response and precise controls.
  • High Accuracy: Our electric press brakes are known for their exceptional accuracy, allowing repeatable and uniform bends along the entire length of the stroke.
  • Energy Economy: They are more energy efficient than hydraulic press brakes, reducing operating costs and emissions.
  • Quietness: Electric operation greatly reduces the noise level compared with hydraulic presses, improving the working environment.
  • Rapid Acceleration and Deceleration: Electric motors allow rapid changes in speed and precision in bending tool movements.

Le presse piegatrici elettriche sono ideali per lavori che richiedono alta precisione, velocità regolabile e risparmio energetico. La scelta tra una pressa piegatrice elettrica, idraulica o ibrida dipenderà dalle tue specifiche esigenze di produzione e dalle applicazioni previste.

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